Mike de Jong: 30 Years of Service - A Timeline

1994: Elected MLA for Matsqui

Mike de Jong begins his journey serving the Abbotsford

2001-2004: Minister of Forests

Serving as BC’s Attorney General, de Jong upholds justice and
public safety.

2005: Minister of Labour & Citizen Services

2006-2009: Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Advocating for meaningful dialogue and progress with
Indigenous communities.

2009-2012: Attorney General

Championing healthcare improvements and investments for
British Columbians.

2010: Minister of Safety & Solicitor General


2011: Minister of Health


2012-2017: Minister of Finance

Steering British Columbia to fiscal responsibility and economic

2013: Abbotsford Regional Hospital Funding

Securing funding for Abbotsford Regional Hospital, enhancing
local healthcare services.

2015: Agricultural Support Initiatives

Implementing support programs for agriculture, bolstering the
local economy.

2024: 30 Years of Service

Celebrating three decades of dedicated service to Abbotsford
and British Columbia.